5 Signs You’re Buying High-Quality Prime Rib

Prime rib is also commonly known as ‘standing rib roast’ and is one of the most challenging cuts of beef to buy. It is one of those cuts that is absolutely incredible when it is good, and utterly disappointing when it is anything less than high-quality. So, how can you be sure that you are buying the best quality prime rib possible? Along with doing research into where to buy prime rib, you should look out for the following five signs:

Look Out for Grading

You can be forgiven for thinking that ‘prime rib’ automatically means exceptional quality. On the contrary, it is just the name of the cut. In order to ensure that you are buying a great piece of meat, be sure to inquire about the grading. Anything below USDA prime is simply not going to meet your expectations. 

Know What You Want

What is most important to you when it comes to prime beef? Is it tenderness? Or is it juiciness? If it is the former, opt to purchase a cut that contains ribs six to nine (also known as the chuck end) as this is certain to come with more fat. If it is the latter, buy a prime beef cut that includes ribs 10 to 12 (also known as the loin end) as these are leaner and more tender. 

Watch the Weight

A high-quality, full cut of prime rib should weigh at least 16 pounds (7 kg). Anything below that could mean that you are settling for sub-par quality. 

Opt for Bone-In Prime Rib

Prime meats that come bone-in are guaranteed to be tastier and more juicy than meats that have had the bone removed. 

Tie it Up

Many butchers will do you a favour and tie the prime rib for you to help prevent the outer layer from separating from the body of the meat. If this happens, the outer layer can overcook and this will affect the overall taste of the beef. 

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