Black Angus Friday Pack # 1


6 – 12oz. USDA prime striploin steaks
PLUS 2 more striploins FREE!
SAVE $8.06 per steak.

Premium beef is the ultimate indulgence or holiday gift. And, Black Angus beef is the gold standard. USDA Prime Black Angus is like taking the gold standard and wrapping it in more gold. So, think of  this Striploin Pack as the ultimate flavour goldmine. If you love beefy flavour and buttery texture, we’re 100% confident that there’s no better place to buy steak online than Chophouse. And, we’re 200% confident that you won’t beat our package deal, because right now, you get 8 USDA Prime Striploins for the price of six. We’re 300% confident that’s 33% more.

And these aren’t chintzy little steaks—they’re 12 oz., make your mouth water, make your friends jealous, make your next BBQ unforgettable steaks. Just place your order and we’ll deliver the best beef in Halifax right to your door.