HOW DELIVERY WORKS – Get your Dry Aged Steaks delivered Chop Chop!

Delivered Fast to Your Door. For your convenience, we’ve made our delivery process quick and simple so you can get your favourite dry aged steaks in no time. If you have special requests for your delivery, please contact us.

Get your dry aged steaks and premium beef cuts, chop, chop.

We’re fast

Every Chophouse Steak order is delivered within 2 – 4 hours’ time after it leaves our plant.  Your order is hand-picked and packaged for delivery in our special thermal bag with frozen gel pack(s) to keep everything frozen until it arrives at your door.

What to expect

When you receive your steaks, they may have started to softened a little.  This is not uncommon. It is perfectly alright put them into your freezer for later or follow the thawing guidelines and enjoy your steaks right away.

Special requests

We also offer shipping on dry ice as an option for certain order quantities.

Call us or email for details on our famous dry aged steaks and premium beef cuts. or (902) 876-2356