Japanese Wagyu Steak

So perfectly marbled that you might mistake it as a masterpiece, Japanese Wagyu carries the reputation of being the best beef in the world. It may come with a hefty price tag but, then again, aren’t all great art pieces? Here at Chophouse Steaks, our Japanese Wagyu is 100% authentic. In other words, quality is guaranteed and every mouthful is sure to leave you both in awe and wanting more!

What to expect from our Japanese Wagyu

You are probably wondering not only where we get it, but also how we ensure that it makes the grade? We get our Japanese Wagyu all the way from the Gunma Province of Japan. We also only work with producers who are as knowledgeable about beef as we are, because providing ultra-premium quality steaks starts with how the cattle are raised. When the cattle are treated with love and kindness, the end result is a butter-soft steak enriched with flavour you did not know even existed.

Japanese Wagyu is raised on a healthy balanced diet and allowed to grow up to about 1,500 lbs, which takes about three years, compared to 15 months for ‘regular’ cattle. There is also a belief that the cattle receive a daily massage to help relieve stress and encourage better blood circulation, further contributing to the tender nature of the beef. 

Here at Chophouse Steaks, we stock a variety of different cuts when it comes to Japanese Wagyu. At the moment, the two most popular cuts are Japanese Wagyu Ribeye Steaks and Japanese Wagyu Striploin Steaks. You can buy these steaks online in varying sizes and quantities depending on your needs. 

Impeccable tastes? It doesn’t get much better than Japanese Wagyu.

Do you have any questions about Japanese Wagyu Steak? Keen to request a specific cut from our online butcher store? Either way, be sure to get in touch with one of our beef gurus at (902) 876-2356 or sales@chophousesteaks.ca