Japanese Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steak


Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with our Japanese Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steak – the king of tenderloin that promises to tantalize your taste buds like never before!

Japanese Wagyu is the most coveted beef on earth. And within the world of Wagyu, Kobe is the ultimate prize. Only beef from the Hyogo Prefecture can bear the name Kobe, and Chophouse Steaks is thrilled to offer our customers authentic Kobe Beef Tenderloin.

These Hyogo Wagyu Tenderloin steaks are in a league of their own. The exquisitely fine marbling, velvety texture and signature flavour is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. Each bite will melt in your mouth with buttery flavour and richness that will leave a lasting impression with even the most discerning steak connoisseur. We’re not kidding when we say this is a beef bucket-list experience, that’ll have you saying, “domo arigato, Chophouse!”



A note about weight vs. thickness

Please note that we cut our steaks to specific portion weights, not thickness. Naturally, the smaller the steak size the thinner the steak, the larger the steak size the thicker the steak, so if you desire a thicker steak, select a larger steak size. Approximate thickness of our Japanese Wagyu Beef Tenderloin steaks: – 4 oz. – ¾ /1“, 6oz – 1 / 1½”, 8oz – 1 ½” – 1 ¾’’, 10oz – 1.5” and so on….