Japanese Wagyu Striploin Steaks


No other beef on earth that can touch pure Japanese Wagyu. Imported from Japan and rated at the top end of the marbling scale, our Japanese Wagyu striploin steaks deliver a flavour, tenderness and juiciness experience that leaves people speechless, which really cuts down on idle dinner conversations. And because it’s so rich, a little goes a long way. When you’re celebrating a milestone event or achievement, these are the steaks to celebrate with.


Note:  Japanese Wagyu Striploins are large.  For this reason, 283 gram (10 OZ) and 340 gram (12 OZ) steaks will cut thinner than we would like.  To address this issue, we cut these sizes as a California Cut.  For 2 x 283 gram (10 OZ) and 2 x 340 gram (12 OZ) steaks, we will cut it as a single 20 OZ or 24 OZ steak and split it.  This results in a thicker steak than if cut individually.  You will receive both the head and tail portion.



A note about weight vs. thickness

Please note that we cut our steaks to specific portion weights, not thickness. Naturally, the smaller the steak size the thinner the steak, the larger the steak size the thicker the steak, so if you desire a thicker steak, select a larger steak size.  Approximate thickness of our steaks: Striploin and Ribeyes – 10 oz. – ¾“, 12oz – 1”, 14oz – 1 ½”, 16oz – 1.5” and so on….