Chophouse Prime Steaks

Ordinarily, you would need to head over to your local steakhouse to enjoy prime steaks this good. Luckily, now you can cook them at home thanks to the Chophouse Steaks online butchery and our wide range of mouth-watering USDA prime steaks.

What Is the USDA Grading System?

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grades beef according to quality. There are eight grades, with the top three as follows:

Prime – This is the highest quality. Currently, only around 2.9% of carcasses grade as Prime.

Choice –High quality, but has a much lower fat content than Prime, therefore affecting its flavour somewhat. 

Select – Leaner meat, but still of acceptable quality. Not as tender or juicy as either of the above. 

We only ever offer our customers Prime or better steaks.

All of our beef is selected from the top 2% of the herd or better, so quality is always a guarantee and a top priority. Furthermore, we dry-age USDA prime beef in-house. This means that we know the effort that goes into the process to ensure that your steak not only tastes incredible, but also that every mouthful promises an experience that you will not be quick to forget. 

Our Prime Steaks

Now that you know the kind of quality that you can expect from our range of USDA Prime steaks, we bet you’re wondering what cuts Chophouse Steaks offer. Here is a taste of what you will find in our online butcher shop:

  • Prime tenderloin steaks
  • Prime boneless rib steaks
  • Prime striploin steaks
  • Prime tomahawk steaks
  • Prime rib roasts
  • Prime boneless ribeye steaks
  • Prime bone-in rib steaks