No Chicken Nugget Beef Family Pack


Kids can be picky eaters and this USDA Prime Striploin Steak and wagyu burger package is surefire win. The whole family eating out of the palm of your hand. For the adults, 2 decadent 10 oz Chophouse USDA Prime Striploin Steaks and for the kids, wagyu burger patties that’ll blow their minds. We’ve thrown in 6 Brant Lake Wagyu Beef Patties, so if you have 6 kids it kind of works out perfectly…If you have less, cook them all anyways and let the kids work it out. In the same time it takes to cook some rubber chicken nuggets, you can have a gourmet family meal. And, a scientific study has proven that families who order this package are 600 times happier.*
*not an actual study. We’re just pretty sure


2 – 283g (10oz) Chophouse Striploin Steaks
1 – (6x6oz) Brant Lake Wagyu Beef Patties



A note about weight vs. thickness

Please note that we cut our steaks to specific portion weights, not thickness. Naturally, the smaller the steak size the thinner the steak, the larger the steak size the thicker the steak, so if you desire a thicker steak, select a larger steak size.  Approximate thickness of our steaks: Striploin and Ribeyes – 10 oz. – ¾“, 12oz – 1”, 14oz – 1 ½”, 16oz – 1.5” and so on….