BBQ Low and Slow Wagyu Beef Pack


Smoke them if you got them. That’s the theme for this dream combination of Brant Lake Canadian Wagyu Flank Steak and Bottom Sirloin Beef Bavette. These cuts were made for indirect cooking on a gas grill, charcoal grill or smoker. Because when you add smoke and time, the fat renders slowly, basting the meat and creating something words can’t describe…or maybe they can. We’ll go with mouth-watering, flavour bomb. Fire up the smoker, fire on these cuts and enjoy the day.

BUT WAIT – We’ll tell you another little secret about cooking flank steak and beef bavette. If you don’t have hours to spare, you can grill these babies the same way you do any other steak, and the results are equally amazing. Here’s an idea. Since you’ve got two cuts of Canadian Wagyu in our Wagyu beef pack, why not try one low and slow and the other one the traditional way? We can tell you one thing for sure. Chophouse Steaks doesn’t sell anything less than the best beef online, and whether you’re a backyard beginner or a seasoned pit master, our beef will deliver the amazing flavour you’d expect from Wagyu beef. No matter how you cook it, we guarantee it’ll get eaten good and fast.

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