USDA Prime Brisket (Untrimmed)

$154.45/pkg (Multiple Sizes Available)

Never argue with a grill master. For fans of authentic Texas barbecue, USDA prime beef brisket is the ultimate showstopper. Our beef briskets are the real deal, and these briskets will delight everyone. Low and slow is the name of the game because when you combine time, smoke, and generous fat marbling, you’ve got all the ingredients for how to make a tender smoked brisket.

You don’t have to be on the professional barbecue circuit to enjoy our competition-quality beef brisket, these beauties are ideal for the backyard barbecue enthusiast too. If you were wondering where to buy beef brisket that will not disappoint, you found right here it at Chophouse Steaks. Invent your own rub, or stick to simple salt, pepper, and cayenne. Either way, you’ll love the results. And don’t forget when you start with the best USDA Prime beef brisket, you’ll also make the best burnt ends you’ve ever had.

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4-5 KG avg. – $154.45, 5-6 KG avg. – $185.35, 6-7 KG avg. – $216.24, 7-8 KG avg. – $247.13, 8-9 KG avg. – $278.02