Dry-Aged Chophouse Prime Striploin Steaks


Some things get better with age. Some things get exponentially better. 30 days of dry aging concentrates the flavour, giving our dry aged striploin steaks a bigger, beefier boom than regular striploin. For steak enthusiasts, dry aging is the icing on the meaty cake.



A note about weight vs. thickness

Please note that we cut our steaks to specific portion weights, not thickness. Naturally, the smaller the steak size the thinner the steak, the larger the steak size the thicker the steak, so if you desire a thicker steak, select a larger steak size.  Approximate thickness of our steaks: Striploin and Ribeyes – 10 oz. – ¾“, 12oz – 1”, 14oz – 1 ½”, 16oz – 1.5” and so on….