Is Tomahawk Steak Actually Worth The Hype?

The question whether a tomahawk steak is worth the hype is like choosing between a Brant Lake Wagyu ribeye steak and a Brant Lake Wagyu striploin steak. Or whether you should have a beer or cabernet sauvignon red wine with your tomahawk steak. It is all about personal choice. What do we prefer? Succulent, tender, restaurant-quality steak. Just like we make them. 

So, what is a tomahawk steak, is it expensive, and do you barbeque or oven grill? 

What Is a Tomahawk Steak?   

A tomahawk steak is basically a ribeye beef steak, but different, because at least five inches of rib bone is left intact. The extra-long bone is French trimmed, a culinary technique also used to give a rack of lamb its unique shape. With this method the meat and fat are trimmed from the bone, leaving a ‘handle’ that gives a bit of drama to the steak. 

The steak meat is highly marbled, very tender, and flavorful. It is taken from a section of the animal where the muscles aren’t used much, leaving the meat particularly tender and soft. When cooking a tomahawk steak, the intramuscular fat mixes with the elements released from the large bone resulting in a wonderfully rich flavor. The two things that make a tomahawk steak an above-standard ribeye are the extended bone and the fact that it is cut to the thickness of the rib. Did we mention it is called a tomahawk steak because it looks a bit like a Native American tomahawk axe?    

An irrelevant fact, unless relevant for you, is that the tomahawk is cut from between the sixth and twelfth rib. 

Why Is It So Expensive?    

Have you seen a tomahawk steak? It is big, wonderfully big, and easily feeds two people unless you are really, really hungry. Cut according to the thickness of the rib bone, the steak is generally about 2 inches thick and weighs, on average, between 30 and 45 ounces. Our Tomahawk ribeye steak, however, starts where others end as they generally weigh between 44 and 55 ounces. You get value for money with our tomahawk steak size, and there is the added convenience of being able to hold the meat by the long bone handle, which makes for an awesome conversation starter.  

At Chophouse Steaks, our prime beef gets high grades from our customers and carries the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prime-grade shield. The tomahawk steak price is worth it since you get meat the thickness of a rib, and a quality generally sold in restaurants. An online butcher shop with no storefront, we offer you the perfect cuts of beef and help you save on gas.   

How To Cook A Tomahawk Steak  

We don’t have many rules at Chophouse Steaks, but the two we stand by are – we have the best steaks and you never, ever cook frozen meat. Since we are not talking about Wagyu steaks, which literally go up in flames if you grill them over a direct flame (it’s the high fat content), you can cook a tomahawk steak however you want. Wondering how to BBQ tomahawk steak?   

  • Let the frozen steak thaw in the refrigerator for 2 – 3 days until it reaches room temperature. 
  • Just before you place the meat on the grill, liberally season it with salt. The steak is thick, so make sure you spread the salt love around.
  • Turn the grill to its highest setting and grill the meat. Flip it over so all sides get grilled. 
  • You can use an internal heat thermometer to test if the meat is medium-rare, but since you eat meat as much as we do, we know you will know when it’s right.
  • When done as you like it, remove the tomahawk steak from the grill, cover with foil and let it rest for at least 10 – 15 minutes.   
  • Add a bit of butter and salt if you want, and slice the meat against the grain to your preferred level of thickness.

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