The Most Popular Cuts of Steak in Canada

Every steak enthusiast in Canada has a favorite when it comes to steak cuts. Knowing which cuts are the most popular can help you choose the ideal steak for your next dinner, whether dining out or firing up the grill at home. We are here to help you navigate the best-liked steak cuts in Canada at Chophouse Steaks, where you will find some of the most excellent beef in Halifax. But don’t worry if you’re not in the Halifax area. We can ship right to your door all across Canada.

Ribeye Steaks

The ribeye steak is one of the top contenders for Canada’s most popular steak cut. The ribeye is a favorite among steak lovers because of its exceptional flavor and rich marbling. The fat in a ribeye is not as evenly distributed as a cut from the loin, such as a striploin. Instead, the ribeye will have more fat centred or concentrated in certain spots. We call those chunks “meat candy”. It’s a flavour delight and adds to making the ribeye exceptionally soft and juicy. Our Brant Lake Wagyu Ribeye Steaks from Chophouse Steaks will surpass your expectations for this mouthwatering cut.

Striploin Steak

The classic choice of striploin steak, sometimes referred to as New York strip, is adored for its harmony of flavor and tenderness. Although usually longer and narrower vs. the rounder shape of a ribeye, it still delivers a delicious beef flavour. The fat in a striploin is more evenly distributed in thin ribbons throughout the entire steak. Our Prime Striploin Steaks or our  Dry-Aged Chophouse Prime Striploin Steaks are a testament to this cut’s superior taste and texture.

T-bone Steak

The T-bone steak is a great delicacy for many carnivores and is frequently praised as one of the tastiest and most eye-catching cuts. The T-shaped bone, which divides the steak’s tenderloin and striploin portions, gives it its distinctive appearance.

Now, we may anger a lot of T-bone fans with our thoughts here, but there’s a reason we don’t sell a Chophouse T-bone steak. We just don’t get paying for bone. A T-bone is actually two steaks – a striploin and tenderloin, separated by a bone. In our world, if you want the T-bone experience, you’re better off buying a strip and tenderloin individually. You’ll get the melt in your mouth softness and mild, buttery flavor from the tenderloin, and the stronger, meatier flavour from the striploin without spending extra bucks on a bone. if you love T-bone, then we suggest you give our Deconstructed Porterhouse a serious look. The best of both sides of the T-bone in one package.

Sirloin Steak

Not to be confused with Striploin, which is a more tender cut, another popular option for steak lovers in Canada is sirloin. In comparison to ribeye, this cut is appreciated for its softness and is known for having a slimmer profile. It is a favorite among individuals who enjoy experimenting with new recipes since it is adaptable and can be prepared in various ways. You will want to take advantage of Chophouse Steaks’ Brant Lake Wagyu Top Sirloin Cap (Coulotte), which offers a mouthwatering sirloin experience.

Chophouse Steaks Offers Canada’s Most Popular Steak Cuts

Chophouse Steaks is the place to go if you’re looking for Canada’s most popular steak cuts. We are proud to offer the best beef on the market, including Brant Lake Wagyu and genuine Japanese Wagyu. Every steak you receive from us will satisfy the highest standards of flavor and tenderness, thanks to our dedication to quality. Choose one of the famous steak cuts offered by Chophouse Steaks to enhance your dining experience rather than settling for any steak.