Brant Lake Wagyu Ribeye Steaks


These Wagyu ribeyes are in a class of their own. So, that means serving them will put you in a class of your own. The flavour is a little mellower, but the luscious texture and decadent richness more than make up for it. These aren’t steaks you pull out for no particular reason. They go great with great friends and special times.



A note about weight vs. thickness

Please note that we cut our steaks to specific portion weights, not thickness. Naturally, the smaller the steak size the thinner the steak, the larger the steak size the thicker the steak, so if you desire a thicker steak, select a larger steak size.  Approximate thickness of our steaks: Striploin and Ribeyes – 10 oz. – ¾“, 12oz – 1”, 14oz – 1 ½”, 16oz – 1.5” and so on….