The Best Beef Stew Meats for Stewing

If you drool at the thought of a hearty stew this Fall, then you’re in the right place to discover which beef stew meat is best for tender and juicy results! (Hint: Don’t buy pre-cut “stewing beef.”)

Next time you’re shopping for stew beef, look at your options and see what cuts of meat will work best for your recipe. For example, chuck is a lean and tender cut of beef that works well in stew. However, if you would prefer a thicker and more flavorful stew, short ribs or oxtail may be better choices for you.

To make a delicious stew, choose good-quality ingredients. Always buy grass-fed beef whenever possible, as it is higher in omega-3s and antioxidants than traditional feedlot beef. Grass-fed cattle are also healthier for the environment because they do not use antibiotics and other chemicals used to treat livestock on commercial farms.

As well as learning how to select the best meat for stew, read on to find out how to cook stew meat too.


Chuck is one of the leaner types of beef, making it perfect for stews because it melts into delicious pieces as it cooks.

A chuck roast has a large amount of connective tissue, which allows it to retain its moisture during the cooking process. This makes it easier for the slow cooker to maintain a low, steady temperature and avoid burning the meat. Also, while the cooking process may take longer than some other cuts of meat, the end result is often more tender and more flavorful than other cuts of beef.

If you’re a fan of pasta, mushrooms, and other Italian ingredients, consider using a chuck roast in your next beef stew recipe. The robust flavor of the chuck combined with the seasonings typical of an Italian dish creates a wonderful meal.

Bone-In Short Rib

Short rib is one of the best stew meats for rich and hearty stews because of its robust flavor and large surface area that absorbs the sauce during the long cooking time. These short ribs also contain a great deal of connective tissue, which breaks down in the slow cooker to produce a very soft and succulent meat.

Cook the short ribs for 8 hours on low in a slow cooker. Remove the ribs from the sauce and keep warm until ready to serve. Add additional broth to thin out the sauce if necessary. Return the short ribs to the sauce and heat through before serving.

The beauty of a stew is that you can cook the meat slowly over a long period of time to create a really moist and tender piece of meat. In addition to being great for dinner, this slow-cooker beef stew also makes a tasty lunch to take to work the next day. Wondering what to do with stew meat? Then try this recipe for the perfect winter comfort food:

Best Beef Stew with Just 5 Ingredients 

  1. All you need is diced beef, onion, carrots, potatoes, and a sprinkle of thyme.
  2. Cook slow and low.
  3. Serve over a bed of rice or potatoes to soak up all that tasty gravy. Easy and delicious!

If you’re looking for an easy to prepare dinner idea this winter, consider making a pot of beef stew. But first chat to the helpful and knowledgeable team at Chophouse Steaks online butcher about their beef stew meat suggestions.