‘Meat’ the Best Beef in the World: Japanese Wagyu

With marbling resembling an artistic masterpiece and a level of tenderness so superior you might as well be eating butter itself, there is no wonder why Japanese Wagyu beef is renowned for being ‘the best beef in the world’. Below, we explain why, as well as let you in on a few interesting facts regarding this magnificent meat. 

Why Is Japanese Wagyu So Special?

Ultimately, the quality of the beef is a direct reflection on how the Wagyu cattle are fed and cared for. They receive exceptional nutrition and plenty of loving care, and all of this translates into both the premium flavour and texture of the resultant beef. Japanese Wagyu cattle are kept in well-ventilated barns with floors cushioned in saw dust. They are fed a hearty, nutritious mixture of hay, grains and other compound feeds. Furthermore, the cattle carers are said to provide their cattle with affection and attention right from birth. There is even a rumour that the animals receive a soothing massage on a daily basis to help calm them and tenderize their meat. 

Here are a few other interesting facts about Japanese Wagyu beef:

  • There are many different types of Japanese Wagyu beef, with Kobe beef being the most popular. 
  • You can purchase Wagyu beef in various cuts, such as Wagyu ribeye and Wagyu striploin steaks. 
  • Not all Wagyu beef is from Japan. Wagyu beef is produced all over the globe, including here in Canada. Therefore, if you are keen to try the ‘real deal’, be sure to confirm that the wagyu steak which you are purchasing is, in fact, Japanese Wagyu beef. 
  • Japanese Wagyu is celebrated for its extensive marbling – but it only consists of fats that are good for you. Wagyu beef is a great source of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

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