The Best Burger Buns for Gourmet Burgers

Want to build a great burger? Don’t forget about the best burger buns to go with great beef and creative toppings. At Chophouse Steaks, we know that our Brant Lake Wagyu burgers deliver outstanding flavour, but it’s not a true gourmet burger without a killer bun. Here’s our list of favourite bun options:

Pretzel Burger Buns

Pretzel burger buns are salty and crispy with a fantastic fluffy interior. And just like eating a pretzel on its own, we like to stick to mustard and maybe some cheese sauce as toppings. They can be a little chewy, but the bun soaks up the burger’s natural juices so well, that it’s a pleasure to dive into every bite. They hold their own without getting too soggy.

Brioche Burger Buns

When you think brioche, you think buttery flavour, and it’s that buttery flavour that makes them so awesome. When you have a juicy, rich burger and you add the rich bun, you can’t go wrong. It’s a super-soft bun, and we really like to toast them to bring a little crispiness to the party.

Ciabatta Buns

Not all burger buns need to be round. Case in point, the Ciabatta bun. It’s square shape, crisp crust and soft texture make it the ideal burger holder. The interior of the bun is also quite porous, which means that condiments and juices have plenty of spaces to find their way into. But the sturdy, crusty exterior holds up without becoming a soggy mess. We love the ciabatta bun because we can load the toppings on. This guy can handle it.

Potato Buns

Burgers and fries are a natural combination, so why not potatoes in the bun. It’s quite ingenious actually. These buns are made with mashed potatoes and have a lighter flavour. They are quite sturdy because of the extra starch from the potatoes and can handle the juices from the burger quite well. We even threw a fried egg with a soft, runny yolk at this burger bun, and it handled things like a champ. The only downside is that that can taste a little starchy, but we didn’t really find this was an issue when we used them.

Onion Buns

Caramelized onions are one of our favourite things to put on a burger, so why not put them in a burger bun? The onion bun is a creative spin on the traditional burger bun with the amazing sweetness of caramelized onions baked right in. We also like that the onion buns tend to be a bit larger and so they can handle a larger burger. Heck. We went with 2 patties and did not regret our decision. If you are a fan of onions, then an onion bun is a no-brainer to try.

Gourmet Wagyu Burgers with Sesame Miso Aioli

Now that we’ve filled your mind with visions of gourmet burgers, we thought we’d share one of our favourite recipes. Our friends at Napoleon Grills whipped up this jaw-dropping recipe using our Canadian Wagyu beef patties. You can try it with whatever bun suits your fancy. And one last little nugget. If you’re a steak sandwich fan, grab some of our Brant Lake Flank Steak or Tri-tip, grill it up, and pair it with any of the buns from this blog. That’s some good eating.