Your Guide to Different Steak Cuts

The steak cut that you select has a substantial impact on the flavour and texture of the beef. Hence, the reason why most people have a favourite or a specific ‘go-to’ for various purposes, whether it be grilling on the barbecue or whipping up a mouth-watering beef carpaccio. Below is a helpful guide to the different steak cuts and why we love them. 

Tenderloin Steak

Known as fillet mignon or simply ‘fillet’ steak elsewhere in the world, tenderloin steak lives up to its name. It is undoubtedly the most tender cut you can get. However, it is much leaner than many other different cuts of steak, which means that it may not be quite as juicy – especially if you overcook it. It is at its best when cooked medium or under and is the ultimate choice for raw beef dishes like carpaccio and steak tartare. 

Ribeye Steak

The ribeye steak is the direct opposite of the tenderloin steak. It is known for its extensive marbling that results in its distinctive tasty, juicy quality. It is also known as the ‘cowboy’ steak and is an excellent steak cut for grilling. 

Striploin Steak

The striploin steak is the perfect middle ground between the tenderloin and ribeye steak. It is tender, but still juicy and has a stronger ‘beefy’ flavour, despite having drastically less marbling than the ribeye. 

Tomahawk Steak

The Tomahawk steak is so named because it features a long bone that resembles a single-handed axe. It is tasty and juicy, making it very similar to the classic ribeye steak. 

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